1. What kind of game is WildlifeSnap?

Explore continents of the world to discover wild animals and log them all in your animal collection. Your goal is to help Professor Glenn save the animals by taking better and better pictures of various wild animals. The Professor collects the pictures in order to highlight animals threatened with extinction and therefore promote their conservation. Help the Professor to save wild animals.

2. Do I need to be connected to the internet to play this game?

Online connection is required if you want to buy more crystals otherwise the game allows you to play offline.

3. Can I play WildlifeSnap for free?

Yes, WildlifeSnap is free to download and play. There are, however, optional in-app purchases that allow you to progress more quickly through the game, get new equipment and much more! Spending money also helps us to develop new features!

4. How to play?


When you see an animal, select the camera button on the upper-right side of the screen then tap on it to take a picture!

You can sell your picture in order to earn money. You get more money for rare animals. You can also save it, each animal has a dedicated album.


You can view information about wild animals here. Every time you save a picture of an animal, it will be saved in a dedicated album. You need to set a favorite picture of each wild animal discovered, it will unlock its profile.

Animals that came when you were not checking are shown as semitransparent silhouettes, but its profile will still be lock. 

You can also view each animal’s profile by directly tapping on them.


All the stuff you buy in the shop is stored in your inventory. From here you can choose the equipment you want to place in your campsite. Tap on the item, then on the “Equip” button. You just have to pick the perfect spot.

Each item has a special effect: “Animal Lover”, “Lynx Eye”,“Rush hour”. Use them to attract wildlife.


As the game progresses you’ll acquire coin you can spend on powerful items that improve your chance to see wild animals. The more item you have, the more funny pictures you take.

When you discover a new continent you unlock cool new items in the shop. Some animals are very shy, you will need a special object to attract them.


Snacks are a powerful booster that’ll help you in your quest. There are 3 boosters: “More animals will come”, “Animals come and go more often”, and “You find rarer animals”.

Skill tree

When you buy new equipment from the shop you earn XP(Experience Points), and each time you level up you get a Magic Leaf. You can spend them here to skill up! Your tree will grow as you get stronger!

World map

This is your map! The game start in Europe. Once you complete your quest, another continent will be unlocked.

5. How do I see my achievements?

To see your achievements, simply click on the profile icon on the upper-right side of the screen to review your achievement progress and status.

6. What are crystals? What are they used for?

Crystals are one of the currency in WildlifeSnap. They can be used to buy special equipment from the shop, but also to expand your album or unlock a new item spot on the map.

7. How can in-app purchase be made?

In-app purchase of crystals can be made from the + button on the upper-left side of the screen:
20 crystals
120 crystals
300 crystals
700 crystals
1600 crystals

8. I bought crystals but it didn’t show on my screen!

Crystals you have purchased may take time to be shown on the game screen. Please wait for a few hours and restart your device, then check the “In-App Purchase” screen again after confirming your connection to the internet.

If the amount of the purchased crystals is still not updated, please contact us on

9. I wonder if this is a glitch/bug?

We kindly ask you to try restarting the device. If the problem is still not solved, please send a request by email to

Please do not uninstall the application as it will wipe out your save data completely.

Please send a mail with the information below included:
-The device you are currently using (e.g.iPhone6)
-The version of the device
-The version of the application (It should be on the upper right corner of the “loading” screen during the application start-up)
-Please inform us of the detailed symptom
-Other noticeable points

It would be a great help if you could also provide a screenshot. Depending on the inquiries, some might take more time. Thank you for understanding.

Also, please feel free to visit the WildlifeSnap Facebook page (/WildlifeSnap) to discuss the game!